Individual MRE Meals now Available from SODSA!

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We are very excited to announce that SODSA now offers individual MRE Meals. (Meals Ready to Eat)

Extremely affordable and ideal for outdoor, emergency, disaster and preparedness use, Individual MRE Meals have a shelf life of 3 years from manufacture and are ready to eat. Meals are NOT freeze dried and can be eaten cold, right out of the packaging. Meals can be heated by placing the pouch in boiling water or by traditional methods.

There are 11 Protein and 4 Starch meal options to choose from.

Available Meals Include:

MRE Starch Savoury Rice 150g
MRE Starch BBQ Rice 150g
MRE Starch Samp 150g
MRE Starch Lentils, Beans and Veg 150g
MRE Protein Meal Savoury Mince 200g
MRE Protein Meal Mexican Chicken 200g
MRE Protein Meal Chicken Curry 200g
MRE Protein Meal Chicken a La King 200g
MRE Protein Meal Beef Curry & Veg 200g
MRE Protein Meal Savory Samp & Beans 300g
MRE Protein Meal Beef Samp & Beans 300g
MRE Protein Meal Chicken Pasta & Veg 300g
MRE Protein Meal Chicken Breyani 300g
MRE Protein Meal Beef Pasta & Veg 300g
MRE Protein Meal Mutton Stew 200g

Fuel Tablets and Flameless Ration Heaters (FRH) are also available.

TDSA also offers a wide range of other Emergency Food, Rations and Water Purification products including High Calorie Emergency Rations, Complete 24 Hour MRE Meals and Emergency Drinking Water.

Click here for more info on Emergency Food, Rations and related products: https://safetyandoutdoordistributors.co.za/631-emergency-food-and-rations

Since each TDSA branch works off a separate live inventory system, please make sure to contact your nearest TDSA branch to confirm stock availability.

Visit us online at https://safetyandoutdoordistributors.co.za/ or visit one of our Stores.

Click here for more info and to view our Bargain Bin Clearance List: https://linktr.ee/tacticaldistributorssa

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